Marketing / Advertising Opportunities


Established in 1946, the Tidewater Summer League is a collegiate summer baseball league, featuring collegiate players from around the country. The TSL has continued to provide players an outstanding summer baseball playing opportunity and exciting games for our fans to enjoy for more than 70 years.


The Tidewater Summer League present a number of opportunities for league partners to advertise and market themselves. In addition to ballpark advertising, partners are able to reach TSL fans via signage, webcast, online and through the community.

  • Permanent Signage
    Fixed signs provide the most comprehensive exposure for your brand as they are always on display during the season. A baseball tradition, ballpark signs leave a distinct impression on a three-hour captive audience. Options include: banners on the outfield fences, concourse fences, sideline fences.
  • Webcast Game Broadcast
    All Tidewater Summer Leagues games are broadcast live on the internet, via the TSL’s webcast, and is a great way for your business to connect with our fans. Sponsors can air :30 second pre-produced spots, drop-ins, or chose from a variety of in game sponsorship’s (Foul Ball Sponsor, Strike Out Sponsor, Stolen Base Sponsor, etc.) to take advantage of the powerful TSL Webcast to get their message to the Tidewater area and beyond.
  • Online
    Become part of our website and have your company’s logo on the homepage of the official website of the Tidewater Summer League – Your logo will serve as a link that will lead customers from our website, directly to yours. In addition, we offer outstanding promotional opportunities via the TSL’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat).
  • Community
    The Tidewater Summer League has a strong commitment to the local community through strategic partnerships with great local charities, as well as a number of fundraising events. Sponsors can align themselves with these efforts that focus on children’s education, health, and recreation.


  • For all questions or partnership inquiries, please contact: Michael Dooley; 252.715.3017;

Collegiate Summer Wood Bat Baseball League – est. 1946