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  • “Collegiate” players* are eligible. *current NCAA, NJCAA, NCCAA and or NAIA athletes who have eligibility remaining in accordance with NCAA, NJCAA, NCCAA and or NAIA regulation;
  • “Rookie” players* are eligible. *players who [1] have graduated from HS the same calendar year as the summer season; [2] will be attending college and playing collegiate baseball for the upcoming season; 
  • “Veteran” players* are eligible. *players who [1] have graduated from college the same calendar year as the summer season, but have exhausted their remaining eligibility to play NCAA, NJCAA, NCCAA and or NAIA; [2] have not signed a professional contract in the game of baseball; 


  • Located in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Games played on some of the area’s best fields, including Norfolk’s Lakewood Park, NSU and VWU‘s collegiate facilities & other top quality facilities
  • 3 man crew of experienced collegiate umpires, (Eastern Officials Association)
  • League carries $ 1 Million Liability Insurance and $25,000 Supplemental Medical Insurance (per occurrence)
  • Baseballs and team equipment* provided
  • Jersey, Hat, Socks & Belts* provided
  • Experienced Coaches dedicated to player development
  • Live game feeds, with league, team and player stats & standings via Game Changer (team GC pages are prepaid and free for players, parents, coaches and fans to follow)
  • Live internet broadcast of select games via UStream
  • Approximately 30 regular season games
  • All league games are 9 innings in length
  • Post Season Championship Tournament
  • Annual  All Star Game
  • League sponsored Direct Player Support Raffle, to help offset summer baseball expenses for our members (details below)
  1. baseball pants are not provided by the league or teams. It is the responsibility of each player to bring their own baseball pants.
  2. While each team will have a few composite wood bats available for use by the team, individual player bats are not provided by the league or teams. If desired, it is the responsibility of each player to provide himself with an adequate supply of bats for their personal use throughout the season.
  3. Housing/Meal Plan is not included in league membership fees. See our Housing/Meal Plan Page for additional information.


Defensive players, hitters & two way players: $900.00

IF STAYING IN THE DORMS: League Membership Fee $900.00 + housing & meal plan $1,000.00, total expenses for 2018 summer season = $1,900.00

Pitchers Only: $500.00

IF STAYING IN THE DORMS: League Membership Fee $500.00 + housing & meal plan $1,000.00, total expenses for 2018 summer season = $1,500.00


***You can with the League sponsored…


*This is a league sponsored “Direct Player Support” Raffle, with a top prize of $2,000.00 and the total prize package of $5,000.00. Players sell the tickets for $20.00 each, and keep the proceeds from the raffle ticket sales to help offset their summer baseball expenses; they turn in only the completed ticket stubs, which contains the purchaser’s information.

While players are not required to sell these raffle tickets, the league offers our players the opportunity to participate in our league’s “Direct Player Support” Raffle to help offset the cost of league membership and housing fees. As the player retains all proceeds from the ticket sales, any amount of tickets sold will help offset summer baseball expenses.

If a player sells all of his DPS Raffle Tickets, he will essentially be playing, and staying, for free. If there are any unsold tickets, or if the players chooses not to sell the tickets, the player or his parents can fill in their information on the stubs and turn them in. Players, their parents and family members are eligible to enter and win.

As the player’s payments are received, the league will send him a quantity of DPS $20.00 Raffle Tickets equal to the amount of payment received. All money from the sale of DPS Raffle tickets go directly to the player selling them, and provides an opportunity for a player’s family, friends, co-workers and others to help support their favorite student/athlete.


  1. Place: $2,000.00
  2. Place: $1,000.00
  3. Place: $750.00
  4. Place: $500.00
  5. Place: $250.00
  6. Place: $100.00
  7. Place: $100.00
  8. Place: $100.00
  9. Place: $100.00
  10. Place: $100.00
  • Drawing will be held prior to the start of the championship game.
  • Drawing will be broadcast live, via U-Stream and/or Facebook Live.
  • Purchaser does not need to be present to win.
  • Winners will be notified by email.
  • Prizes, in the form of cashier checks, will be mailed to the winners.
  • Chance of winning a prize: 1 in 2000.
  • Chance of winning top prize: 1 in 20,000.




Step 1: Interested players should send the following registration information to the league by email at

Step 2: Once your registration information has been received, a roster spot, (and housing reservation, if applicable), will be reserved for you and the league will send your confirmation and player contract via email.

Step 3: Once you have received a 2018 TCSBL Player Contract, you can use the online payment option below to make payments for your 2018 League Membership Fee and/or Housing Meal Plan fee (see details below).  You may also pay with a check or money order, made payable to Tidewater Summer League (see additional mailing instructions below).

By submitting your player registration information to the league, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by all terms and conditions, as set forth herein.
Player Registration Information Needed by the League

Subject line: 2018 Player

You must include the following information:

  1. Player Name:
  2.  Player Cell Phone:
  3. Player Email:
  4. Primary Position:
  5. Secondary Position (if applicable):
  6. Bats: (Right/Left/Switch)
  7. Throws: (Right/Left)
  8. College Attending: (rookies indicate where you plan to go to school or you may list “undecided”)
  9. Current Classification: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior (Veteran) Rookie (grad. HS 2018)
  10. High School Attended:
  11. Hometown: (City/State)
  12. Height/Weight:
  13. Date of Birth:
  14. Jersey Size: (Med/Lg/X-Lg/XX-Lg)
  15. Hat Size: (S-M); (M-L); (L-XL)
  16. Primary Emergency Contact Name:
  17. Primary Emergency Contact Email:
  18. Primary Emergency Contact Phone Number:
  19. Secondary Emergency Contact Name:
  20. Secondary Emergency Contact Email:
  21. Secondary Emergency Contact Phone Number:
  22. Your Mailing Address: (this will be the address used by the league to mail your raffle tickets, please use complete address, with zip code)
  23. Do you need Housing? (NO, I do not need housing or YES, I would like to stay in the dorms at VWU, w/ meal plan, for the additional $1,000.00 fee)
  24. Did you play for one of our teams last year? If so, which one?
  25. How did you hear about the Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League?
  • internet search
  • social media
  • friend/family
  • College or HS coach (who)
  • a TSL coach (who)
  • other

Email the requested information to:

Once your player registration information has been received by the league, you will receive an email confirming your roster spot (and housing if applicable) for the upcoming season, along with your 2018 TCSBL Player Contract. Once you have been issued a player contract, you may make your 2018 TSL League Membership Fee payment.


For position players & 2 way players, your 2018 League Membership Fee of $900.00  is due when your player contract has been issued*

(Once this payment is received, the league will mail you 45 DPS Raffle tickets)

For pitcher’s only, your 2018 League Membership Fee of $500.00  is due when your player contract has been issued*

(Once this payment is received, the league will mail you 25 DPS Raffle tickets)

*if you would like to discuss making payment arrangements regarding your 2018 League Membership Fees, please email the league office.




For players staying in the dorms at VWU, your housing & meal plan payment of $1,000.00 is due by April 30, 2018.

(Once this payment is received, the league will mail you 50 DPS Raffle tickets)


Visit our PAYMENTS page for payment options and instructions by clicking here.





As a player in the TCSBL it is understood that any damage done to the room will be the sole financial responsibility of the player or players that have incurred the damage. Players shall abide by all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of your host facility, and players staying on campus are subject to all rules and regulations of the University.


It is the player/members responsibility to make all payments as outlined above. Unless arrangements are made with the league office, failure to make payments as outlined above may result in the player being removed from a teams active roster and placed in an inactive status or may result in dismissal from the league, with no refunds.


All payments are non-refundable.


There are zero refunds for weather related cancellations.


Playing top-level summer collegiate baseball is a privilege. As in every aspect of life, this privilege carries many responsibilities.  The exercise of personal responsibility as a member of the TSL family is important to you as an individual in advancing your baseball career and realizing your full baseball potential and to our TSL communities, which are enriched and ennobled by the example you set as role models for our kids.  The TSL cannot attain its goals and fulfill its mission without your full cooperation and commitment to act professionally and responsibly, both on the baseball diamond and in your adopted communities. Each player for each team in the TSL is expected to conduct himself, on the field and off the field, in a manner consistent with good behavior and in a manner that does not adversely affect his respective organization’s reputation, or the player’s own integrity, reputation and credibility.  Each player must recognize that he represents, not just his college and university, but also his summer team, his host family, his adopted summer community and the TSL, and that every action he takes will reflect upon his team and the TSL. Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing statement or any specific rules and regulation otherwise promulgated by the TSL or the player’s individual team, each player shall be aware of the following principles and at all times comply with them. Each player shall comply with the rules and regulations promulgated by the TSL and the individual team he plays for, both on the field and off the field.  The League Commissioner shall have responsibility, in his sole discretion, to discipline a player, to include suspension or dismissal from the team, for conduct it determines is inappropriate, violates any rules or regulations, or is contrary to the league’s expectations set forth in this statement.–The legal drinking age in both Virginia and North Carolina is 21 years of age, and each player is expected to obey the law.  In addition, under no circumstances shall a player, or any personnel of any TSL organization, bring alcoholic beverages on a team bus, or bring or have possession of alcoholic beverages at the playing field.  Players over 21 years of age, who have alcoholic beverages off the field, shall be expected to drink responsibility and at all times conduct themselves in a responsible manner.–Player who are staying in the dorms at Virginia Wesleyan University shall recognize that they are guest of VWU, and shall follow all rules and regulations as set forth by Virginia Wesleyan University with regard to living in the dormitories and with personal conduct on campus. Players are subject to expulsion from the dormitory, cancellation of the their meal plan, and expulsion from the league, with no refund of any monies paid for violation of any VWU or TSL rules and/or regulations.Further, players who will be staying with a host family shall recognize that host families make a personal and financial sacrifice to house them as part of their families, and that host families are essential to the operation and success of summer baseball.  Players shall, by their daily conduct and good behavior, honor these special people.  Players must remember that they are a guest in someone else’s home, and to always be considerate and make a special effort to abide by any requests they may make.  If a host family has young children, players must be aware of what their friendship and actions will mean to them.


A. Arrest for misdemeanor – Immediate Removal From the League; B. Arrest for felony – Immediate Removal From the League; C. Use of Drugs-immediate removal from the League; D. Ejection from a Game-Suspension dependent upon seriousness of the fraction; E. Fighting on field of play-Immediate Removal from the League; F. Damaging Property-(fields, facilities, housing) suspension or removal dependent upon seriousness; G. Social Networking-any negative banter in regards to the League, its staff or players will result in suspension or removal dependent upon seriousness; H. League Fee – must be paid in full according to payment schedule; I. Team policies A. Coaches may implement team rules in addition to the league policies listed above. These team rules will be discussed with student athletes before the season starts. Suspensions, Removals and all disciplinary issues are at the sole discretion of the league commissioner. All decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

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