Parents and Fans of Tidewater Summer League baseball:
First an introduction and hello, I’m Richard Miller and I’m the official photographer of the 2019 Tidewater Summer League (TSL). I’m a professional photographer from Kill Devil Hills, NC. This will be my 3rd year as the official photographer of the TSL and 8th year shooting the Daredevils team.

To get a sense of “how good I am” and the type and quality of photos that you can expect to see from me this summer I suggest that you visit my

I encourage you to look around the site and I trust that you will find that I’ve been shooting baseball for a very, very long time. Simply, it’s my game.

If you are potentially interested in seeing and purchasing photos from the TSL games this summer, then please read the following information carefully as I attempt to layout my goals and strategy to get the best photos of your sons this summer. To be successful and provide you with lasting memories, I truly need your help as well as outlined below.

1) My goal is to capture BOTH the action and the emotion of as many games as possible;there are some logistical and expense issues that I must consider as I do live in Kill Devil Hills, NC. While I am endorsed by the TSL and have a good working relationship with the league, I am not employed by the TSL and hence must recover my expenses through the sale of my photos.

2) It is very, very important that you email me directly at and let me know that you are interested in photos of your son. I will need to know your son’s name, TSL team, number, and position(s) he’ll most likely play. Also, encourage your son to introduce himself to me – I try to get to know as many of the players as I can. Similarly, if you see me at a game, please say hi.

3) In general, my primary focus during a game, especially without a list of requested players to shoot, will be to capture the action of the game. I always do my best to capture great photos of every major play but unfortunately no photographer can capture everything. Therefore, with a league with 8 teams, well over 100 players, and 4 games/day, it is literally impossible to randomly capture professional photos of every player. This is the main reason that if you’re interested in photos, it is very important to let me know, before the season begins.

4) I often take impromptu portrait-like photos of players to hopefully reveal the emotion that your son experiences while playing the game that they love. I particularly try to do this for players whose parents have contacted me.

5) There are 4 games per day at two venues. I will try to capture games of all the teams somewhat evenly – priority is given to teams that have shown the most interest in my photos or when there is an important game based on the league standings.

6) I will try to shoot 2 games per day as for as many days as possible. Typically, I shoot from 600-1,000 photos per game or about 2,000 photos per day. That evening, I must backup all these files and prepare for the next day. Trust me, this takes time. Then I start the routine allover the next day. It’s sort of like “groundhog day.” So please be patient for me to post photos. I do give priority, you’ve guessed it, to photos of players whose parents have contacted me and more importantly have purchased some photos. That said, I do post ALL great shots from a game – it just takes time to edit, process and upload all the photos.

There are a few more details to convey but this is getting far too long (thanks to those that have gotten this far). I will send an email mid-to-late May to those that I have contacted me with the additional details.

Thank you for your time I look forward to watching your sons play some great baseball,have a lot of fun, and provide many opportunities for great photos!

Best, Richard

Richard L. Miller Photography

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