Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League


The Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League (est. 1946) and the Virginia Beach Collegiate Baseball League (est. 2016) have joined forces for the upcoming 2019 summer season, combining experience, professionalism and an unwavering commitment to player development; with a high quality, well organized, competitive summer baseball program and the opportunity to spend part of your summer in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Teams will be scheduled to play 30 games, including a 27 game regular season and three guaranteed games in the post season Postove Cup Championship Tournament, plus our annual All-Star Game. Games are 9 innings in length, played on high quality fields, with a 3-man crew of collegiate umpires.

Both “roster limits” and “pitch count restrictions/days rest” rules will be strictly enforced to maximize playing opportunities and player safety. The season will run from June 2nd – July 10th, 2019. Professionally ran by experienced league administrators who have over 50 years of combined summer league management experience.

For player’s not living in the Virginia Beach area, the league offers an outstanding housing option. For an additional fee, players can stay in the dorms at Virginia Wesleyan University, 2 players per room, and receive two meals per day in the dining hall and have access to all campus amenities, including the weight room and baseball training facilities.

Visit our 2019 Season Information page to learn more about player eligibility, member benefits and important dates.

Visit our Housing page for more information about the housing and meal plan.

About Us


The TSL provides college baseball players the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive, well organized, collegiate, summer, baseball league during the summer months, and gain valuable playing experience after the college season has ended.

Founded in 1946 in Norfolk, VA and currently located in Virginia Beach, VA, the TSL has consistently delivered a great summer baseball experience for over 70 years. More than 50 of our former players have went on to play professional baseball,  daredevils_140717_346
and over a dozen of them have played in the Major Leagues, some earning All Star recognition, among other various awards, and one even winning the National League Batting Title.

The Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League is a “wood bat” league, as are most of the major college summer leagues, playing games in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. As one of the country’s top developmental leagues, the Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League remains focused on providing our players with a professionally ran summer playing experience.

Our 9 inning games are played on quality fields; using experienced, collegiate umpires, collegiate quality baseballs & equipment, for the purpose of providing a high quality environment for our players to continue to develop their baseball skills during the summer months.

The Tidewater Summer League provides  a  “spring training” style environment, where daily lifting, strength & conditioning, hitting, throwing and fielding work outs are combined with a competitive baseball game, providing our players with consistent, quality work outs that promote development and growth, and that work is reinforced and evaluated daily during the games played.

We are led by our experienced coaching, whose shared goals are focused on helping develop college baseball players. Our outstanding coaching staff has decades of experience helping collegiate student/athletes develop and include current and former head coaches and assistant coaches from NCAA Div. I, Div. II, Div. III, NJCAA, NAIA, NCCAA; current and former professional baseball scouts; and former professional and collegiate players who have the experience and knowledge to help players take the next step in their development.

To ensure our members get the most from their summer baseball experience,  roster limits are strictly enforced, as are the league’s strict “pitch count/days rest” rules for pitchers; providing maximum playing opportunities, while ensuring the health and safety of all of our league members.

College summer leagues have played a role in the careers of many current and former professional baseball players, providing them the opportunity to improve their skills and understanding of the game, while gaining invaluable experience that helped with both their collegiate and professional careers.

Not 100% sure about where you will be playing college baseball for the next school year – each summer, Junior College Players & other players looking to transition to a new school have been able to parlay their summer baseball experience into a new collegiate playing opportunity. Our league is “watched” by dozens of great collegiate programs.

Extended Summer Playing Opportunities – Also, each summer, once our season has ended, several of our league’s top players receive invitations to join other teams in some outstanding summer league’s whose season run into early August, such as the Coastal Plain League, the Texas Collegiate League, the Valley League, the Perfect Game League & the Northwoods League.

Tidewater Summer League (formerly known as the Norfolk City League & Norfolk Summer League) has been fielding baseball teams across the greater Hampton Roads area for over 70 years. Our goal remains to provide quality playing and development opportunities for collegiate baseball players; to maintain a quality venue for area college coaches and professional scouts to evaluate potential prospects; to help connect collegiate programs and players; to provide a high quality, well organized platform that assists in helping to develop players, coaches, interns and umpires; to assist in the maintenance and improvements of our area fields and facilities; and to continue providing great family entertainment for our area’s baseball fans, as we have done since 1946.

Visit our League Info page for more information about the league, it’s 70+ year history, alumni, champions and more.

Daredevils 2018 Champions

July 10, 2018 – Virginia Beach, VA

Congratulations to the Outer Banks Daredevils, our 2018 Postove Cup Champions.


The Outer Banks Daredevils faced the Virginia Beach Waves in today’s championship game, held at Virginia Wesleyan University.

Scorekeepers were kept busy today during a high-scoring contest between Daredevils and Waves where Waves lost 12-8.

Daredevils fired up the offense in the second inning. Reid Zitzelberg singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run.

After Daredevils scored two runs in the top of the sixth, Waves answered with two of their own. Daredevils scored when Ben Closson grounded out, scoring two runs. Waves then answered when Hunter Johnson singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run and Waves scored one run on a stolen base.

Daredevils took the lead for good with six runs in the fifth inning. In the fifth Closson singled on a 0-2 count, scoring two runs, Zitzelberg singled on a 1-0 count, scoring one run, Ryan Creps doubled on a 2-1 count, scoring one run, and Payton Holdsworth singled on a 1-0 count, scoring two runs.

Ryan Allen took the win for Daredevils. He surrendered seven runs on 11 hits over six innings, striking out four. Cole Taylor and Daniel Petr entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief.

Jarrett Hyder took the loss for Waves. He allowed 13 hits and seven runs over five innings, striking out six and walking one.

Waves hit three home runs on the day. Brooks Carr went deep in the fourth and fifth innings. Caleb Ward had a four bagger in the second inning.

Waves collected 12 hits. Zachary Spradlin, Ward, Daniel Petro, Carr, and Johnson each managed multiple hits for Waves. Johnson, Carr, Petro, Ward, and Spradlin each collected two hits to lead Waves. Waves tore up the base paths, as two players stole at least two bases. Angelo Spataro led the way with two. Waves was sure-handed in the field and didn’t commit a single error. Spradlin had the most chances in the field with eight.

Daredevils scattered 17 hits in the game. Russell Mistretta, Ryan Creps, Andrew Kasiski, Reid Zitzelberg, Kyle Strovink, and Payton Holdsworth each collected multiple hits for the Daredevils. Daredevils was sure-handed and didn’t commit a single error. Kasiski made the most plays with ten.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
DAREDEVILS 0 1 0 0 6 2 3 0 0 12 17 0
WAVES 0 1 1 2 1 2 1 0 0 8 12 0
Outer Banks Daredevils
Russell Mistretta 6 2 3 0 0 2
Andrew Kasiski 5 2 2 1 1 1
Michael Gabriele 5 2 1 0 1 0
Stephen Polansky 4 1 1 1 0 3
Damian Hairston 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ben Closson 6 1 1 3 0 0
Kyle Strovink 5 2 2 0 0 1
Cole Hobby 0 0 0 0 0 0
Reid Zitzelberg 3 1 2 2 1 1
Ryan Creps 4 1 3 1 1 0
Payton Holdsworth 4 0 2 2 0 0
Zach Herring 1 0 0 0 0 0
Daniel Petr
Ryan Allen
Cole Taylor
Totals 43 12 17 10 4 8

2B: Russell Mistretta 2, Ryan Creps, Kyle Strovink, Andrew Kasiski
3B: Andrew Kasiski, Stephen Polansky
TB: Russell Mistretta 5, Ryan Creps 4, Kyle Strovink 3, Andrew Kasiski 5, Ben Closson, Michael Gabriele, Reid Zitzelberg 2, Stephen Polansky 3, Payton Holdsworth 2
RBI: Ryan Creps, Andrew Kasiski, Ben Closson 3, Reid Zitzelberg 2, Stephen Polansky, Payton Holdsworth 2
FC: Payton Holdsworth
HBP: Reid Zitzelberg, Stephen Polansky, Damian Hairston
SB: Ryan Creps, Andrew Kasiski, Michael Gabriele, Stephen Polansky


Team QAB: 23 (46.00%)
Russell Mistretta 3, Ryan Creps 2, Kyle Strovink 3, Andrew Kasiski 4, Ben Closson 2, Michael Gabriele, Reid Zitzelberg 4, Stephen Polansky 3, Payton Holdsworth

Team LOB: 11


DP: Michael Gabriele

Virginia Beach Waves
Daniel Petro 5 1 2 0 1 1
Brady Fallon 5 1 0 0 1 3
Hunter Johnson 4 0 2 2 1 1
Nicholas Ficarella 4 0 0 0 0 0
Brooks Carr 5 2 2 2 0 2
Caleb Ward 5 1 2 1 0 0
Zachary Burkhart 3 2 1 0 1 1
Angelo Spataro 3 0 1 0 0 2
Laz Moralez 0 0 0 0 1 0
Thomas Amuso 0 0 0 0 1 0
Zachary Spradlin 4 1 2 1 1 0
Jarrett Hyder
Payton Keadle
Tomoya Nakagawa
John Bradley
Totals 38 8 12 6 7 10

2B: Zachary Burkhart
3B: Johnson
HR: Brooks Carr 2, Caleb Ward
TB: Zachary Spradlin 2, Zachary Burkhart 2, Daniel Petro 2, Brooks Carr 8, Caleb Ward 5, Angelo Spataro, Johnson 4
RBI: Zachary Spradlin, Brooks Carr 2, Caleb Ward, Johnson 2
FC: Zachary Spradlin
HBP: Zachary Burkhart, Nicholas Ficarella
GIDP: Nicholas Ficarella
SB: Zachary Spradlin, Zachary Burkhart 2, Nicholas Ficarella, Daniel Petro, Angelo Spataro 2, Johnson


Team QAB: 21 (44.68%)
Zachary Spradlin 3, Zachary Burkhart 3, Thomas Amuso, Nicholas Ficarella, Daniel Petro 2, Brooks Carr 3, Laz Moralez, Caleb Ward, Angelo Spataro, Brady Fallon 2, Johnson 3

Team LOB: 12

Outer Banks Daredevils
Pitching IP #P S% H R ER SO BB HR
Ryan Allen 5.1 95 .589 10 7 7 4 4 3
Daniel Petr 1.2 29 .517 1 1 1 3 1 0
Cole Taylor 2.0 38 .579 0 0 0 3 2 0
Totals 9.0 162 .574 11 8 8 10 7 3

W: Ryan Allen
HBP: Daniel Petr 2
Pitches-Strikes: Daniel Petr 29-15, Ryan Allen 95-56, Cole Taylor 38-22
Groundouts-Flyouts: Daniel Petr 0-2, Ryan Allen 4-7, Cole Taylor 0-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Daniel Petr 3-9, Ryan Allen 16-30, Cole Taylor 4-8

Virginia Beach Waves
Pitching IP #P S% H R ER SO BB HR
Jarrett Hyder 5.0 101 .574 13 7 7 6 1 0
Tomoya Nakagawa 0.2 25 .400 1 2 2 0 2 0
Payton Keadle 0.2 14 .643 3 3 3 0 0 0
John Bradley 2.2 39 .564 0 0 0 2 1 0
Totals 9.0 179 .553 17 12 12 8 4 0

L: Jarrett Hyder
HBP: Tomoya Nakagawa 2, John Bradley
Pitches-Strikes: Jarrett Hyder 101-58, Payton Keadle 14-9, Tomoya Nakagawa 25-10, John Bradley 39-22
Groundouts-Flyouts: Jarrett Hyder 2-6, Payton Keadle 0-1, Tomoya Nakagawa 2-0, John Bradley 2-4
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Jarrett Hyder 11-28, Payton Keadle 3-5, Tomoya Nakagawa 3-7, John Bradley 5-10

  • AB: At bats
  • R: Runs scored
  • H: Hits
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • Grand slam: Grand slam home runs
  • TB: Total bases
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • PIK: Picked off
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • LOB: Runners left on base at the end of an inning
  • E: Errors
  • DP: Double Plays
  • TP: Triple Plays
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • #P: Total pitches
  • S%: Strike percentage
  • H: Hits allowed
  • R: Runs allowed
  • ER: Earned runs allowed
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • HR: Home runs allowed
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • SV: Saves
  • BS: Blown saves
  • HBP: Hit batters
  • WP: Wild pitches
  • BK: Balks


Outer Banks Daredevils catcher, Andrew Kasiski (Hampden-Sydney College) has been named the 2018 Tidewater Summer League MVP.

Photo Credit: Richard L. Miller Photographer
Andrew Kasiski lead the TCSBL/VBCBL in all offensive categories of consequence during the 2018 summer season, and was the unanimous choice for league MVP.


1. A. Kasiski 
Outer Banks Daredevils
2. B. Fallon 
Virginia Beach Waves
3. M. Gabriele 
Outer Banks Daredevils
4. R. Sisto 
Greenbrier Knights
5. C. Gambert 
Norfolk Voyagers
1. A. Kasiski 
Outer Banks Daredevils
2. M. Gabriele 
Outer Banks Daredevils
3. D. Claxton 
Virginia Beach Shredders
4. C. Gambert 
Norfolk Voyagers
5. E. Delgado 
Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs


1. A. Kasiski 
Outer Banks Daredevils
2. S. Polansky 
Outer Banks Daredevils
3. C. Gambert 
Norfolk Voyagers
4. K. Bayles 
Outer Banks Daredevils
5. M. Gabriele 
Outer Banks Daredevils


1. A. Kasiski 
Outer Banks Daredevils
2. B. Closson 
Outer Banks Daredevils
3. S. Polansky 
Outer Banks Daredevils
4. L. McCabe 
Norfolk Voyagers
5. M. Gabriele 
Outer Banks Daredevils


1. A. Kasiski 
Outer Banks Daredevils
2. C. Gambert 
Norfolk Voyagers
3. S. Polansky 
Outer Banks Daredevils
4. M. Gabriele 
Outer Banks Daredevils
5. K. Bayles 
Outer Banks Daredevils
Andrew Kasiski 2018 season stats are below:


28 Andrew Kasiski 25 103 73 41 31 5 3 2 22 29 11 2 2 0 17 6 .562 .670 .795 1.464
  • GP: Games played
  • PA: Plate appearances
  • AB: At bats
  • H: Hits
  • 1B: Singles
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • R: Runs scored
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • AVG: Batting average (season)
  • OBP: On-base percentage (season)
  • SLG: Slugging percentage
  • OPS: On-base percentage plus slugging percentage (season)

Patience, Speed & Power 

28 Andrew Kasiski 25 103 73 6.059 2.833 .918 2 10 1 .909 0 1 0 10 58 36.500 .636 .795
  • GP: Games played
  • PA: Plate appearances
  • AB: At bats
  • PA/BB: Plate appearances per walk
  • BB/K: Walks per strikeout
  • C%: Contact rate
  • K-L: Strikeouts Looking
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • SB%: Stolen base percentage
  • PIK: Picked off
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • XBH: Extra-base hits
  • TB: Total bases
  • AB/HR: At bats per home run
  • BA/RISP: Batting average with runners in scoring position
  • SLG: Slugging percentage
QABs & Team Impact  
28 Andrew Kasiski 25 103 73 372 3.612 12 .117 17 .165 31.88% 37.68% 0 2 21 5 33 62 60.19% .582
  • GP: Games played
  • PA: Plate appearances
  • AB: At bats
  • PS: Pitches seen
  • PS/PA: Pitches seen per plate appearance
  • 2S+3: Plate appearances in which batter sees 3+ pitches after 2 strikes
  • 2S+3%: % of plate appearances in which batter sees 3+ pitches after 2 strikes
  • 6+: Plate appearances with 6+ pitches
  • 6+%: % of plate appearances of 6+ pitches
  • FLB%: Fly ball percentage
  • GB%: Ground ball percentage
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • LOB: Runners left on base when batter is out
  • 2OUTRBI: 2-out RBI
  • HHB: Hard hit balls: Total line drives and hard ground balls
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • BABIP: Batting average on balls in play

Daredevils Win 2018 Championship


Congratulations to the Outer Banks Daredevils, our 2018 Postove Cup Champions.









TUESDAY, JULY 10th; 2:00pm at Virginia Wesleyan University, Championship Game
Outer Banks Daredevils 12, Virginia Beach Waves 8

Thur 5-Jul
RR Game 1 Fightin’ Crabs – 2 Suns – 3 1:00pm VWU completed
RR Game 2 Voyagers Seagulls 3:00pm LW rescheduled for Sat
RR Game 3 Shredders – 11 Hawks – 1 3:00pm LW completed
RR Game 4 Legends – 0 Sea Monsters – 18 6:00pm LW completed
Fri 6-Jul
RR Game 6 Suns – 4 Waves – 7 1:00pm VWU completed
RR Game 7 Sea Monsters Daredevils 4:00pm VWU rescheduled for Sun
RR Game 8 – susp Seagulls (1 – 2nd inn)  Voyagers (3 – 2nd inn) 3:00pm LW susp. Resched for Sun
RR Game 5 Hawks Knights 6:00pm LW rescheduled for Sun
Sat 7-Jul
RR Game 9 Waves – 10 Fightin’ Crabs – 8 1:00pm VWU WAVES ADVANCE
RR Game 11 Knights – 2 Shredders – 7 4:00pm VWU SHREDDERS ADVANCE
RR Game 2 – m/u from 7/5 Voyagers – 2 Seagulls – 9 3:00pm LW completed
RR Game 10 Daredevils – 15 Legends – 2 6:00pm LW completed
Sun 8-Jul
RR Game 8 – complete suspended game from 7/6 Seagulls – 1 Voyagers – 7 1:00pm VWU SEAGULLS ADVANCE
RR Game 7 – m/u from 7/6 Sea Monsters – 2 Daredevils – 7 4:00pm VWU DAREDEVILS ADVANCE
RR Game 5 – m/u from 7/6 Hawks – 3 Knights – 13 3:00pm LW completed
Mon 9-Jul
Semi-Finals Gm 1 Waves – 10 Seagulls – 5 1:00pm VWU completed
Semi-Finals Gm 2 Daredevils – 5 Shredders – 4 4:00pm VWU completed
Tue 10-Jul
Championship Daredevils – 12 Waves – 8 2:00pm VWU completed



The Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League is excited to announce our 2018 All Star team. The All-Star Game will take place on Tuesday, July 3rd, at Virginia Wesleyan University, 4:00pm start time, as the TSL All-Stars will take on the VBCBL All-Stars in this 9 inning contest.  Admission is free, coolers are allowed (no glass bottles).


Dominick Claxton Shredders CF Ferrum University
Jacob Council Voyagers CF Bryant & Stratton College
Andrew Kasiski Daredevils C Hampden-Sydney College
Chris Gambert Voyagers C Bellarmine University
Sam Camacho Hawks DH Oxnard College
Stephen Polansky Daredevils DH/RF undecided
Larry McCabe Voyagers 1B Coker College
Benny Spady Knights 1B Norfolk State University
Kyle Bayles Daredevils RF Mississippi State/transfer S. Alabama
Peter Feinman Voyagers RF/DH Babson College
Zack Teegen Legends LF McHenry County College
Jared Jordan Shredders LF Virginia Commonwealth Univ/transfer E.M.U.
Ricky Sisto Knights 3B SUNY Courtland
Lucas Dalton Hawks 3B Piedmont International Univ.
Michael Gabriele Daredevils SS Niagara University
Tredell Blow Knights SS undecided
Joe McGunness Legends EH Bowling Green State University
Andrew Texeira Hawks EH/2B Randolph-Macon College
Brenden Sweany Shredders 2B/P San Diego Christian College
Matt Callahan Legends 2B/EH Dean College
Ryan Allen Daredevils P undecided
Keanu Walkush Voyagers P Bryant & Stratton College – Wauwatosa
Ryan Rhodes Legends P Strattford University
Jackson Sanchez Shredders P Bryant & Stratton University
Logan Simmons Hawks P High Point University
Ryan Catyb Knights P Daytona State University
Frank Arnold Daredevils P Bryant & Stratton College
Ryan Andrzejczyk Daredevils P undecided
Thomas Packert Daredevils P Christopher Newport University
Jamie Yanchisin Daredevils P Limestone College
Chad Andrzejczyk Daredevils P undecided
Colby Lee Voyagers P Frostburg State
Turner Knight Voyagers P Saddleback College
Noah LeBrun Shredders P Virginia Wesleyan University
Mark Berryman Shredders P Belmont Abbey College
Zarek Simkovich Legends P Garrett Junior College
Alex Belanger Legends P Dean College
Jake Holland Knights P Ferrum University
Brent Kline Knights P CCBC Dundalk
Doug Pollock Hawks P Garrett College
Matt Levy Hawks P Piedmont International Univ.


Cameron Plank Chesapeake Suns C Becker College
Nick Simonenko Sandbridge Seagulls C Monroe College
Jordan McDonough Portsmouth Sea Monsters 1B University of Evansville
David Fleita Chesapeake Suns 1B Southeast Community College
Garrett Gonzalez Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs 2B University of Mary Hardin Baylor
Joey Wrabler Chesapeake Suns 2B Bloomsburg University
Chase Coselman Portsmouth Sea Monsters 3B Kalamazoo College
Hunter Johnson Virginia Beach Waves 3B James Madison University
Brady Fallon Virginia Beach Waves SS Virginia Wesleyan University
Mason Marquez Portsmouth Sea Monsters SS UC Santa Barbara
Cole Collins Sandbridge Seagulls LF Fairmont State
Diego Fisher Portsmouth Sea Monsters LF De Anza College
Edwin Delgado Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs CF Cleary University
Matt Detering Sandbridge Seagulls CF Lakeland Community College
Michael Whalen Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs RF St. Joseph’s University
DJ Wright Chesapeake Suns RF/P Jackson State Community College
Tyler Carrasco Portsmouth Sea Monsters DH Mendocino College
Jake Wyeth Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs DH Baylor University
Nick Ficarella Virginia Beach Waves EH Virginia Wesleyan University
Skyler Petrie Sandbridge Seagulls EH Muhlenberg College
Michael Portela Portsmouth Sea Monsters P Radford University
Dylan Stimpson Sandbridge Seagulls P University of Maine
Jesse Carlos Garcia Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs P Baylor University
Robert Cook Chesapeake Suns P Virginia Wesleyan University
Ethan Baer Chesapeake Suns P Pomona-Pitzer
CJ Morris Chesapeake Suns P Virginia Wesleyan University
Trevor Ham Portsmouth Sea Monsters P Clark University
Trevor Jurjevich Sandbridge Seagulls P Alabama State
Shaun O’Reilly Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs P Albright College


Parker Moss Portsmouth Sea Monsters Jackson State Community College
Jared Hibbeln Portsmouth Sea Monsters Mendocino College
Billy Welch Virginia Beach Waves Virginia Wesleyan University
Nate Valentine Suffolk Fightin’ Crabs SUNY Brockport
Seth Burnham Sandbridge Seagulls Herkimer Community College
Andrew Riddick Sandbridge Seagulls Norfolk State


Saturday, June 16th schedule adjusted

Saturday, June 16, 2018 – Virginia Beach, VA

Adjustments to the schedule for Saturday have been made. Please note your team’s game location and start time.

Sat 16-Jun Fightin’ Crabs Seagulls 10:00am VA Wesleyan
Suns Sea Monsters 1:00pm VA Wesleyan
Waves Suns 4:00pm VA Wesleyan
Voyagers Knights 1:00pm Lakewood Park
Shredders Hawks 4:00pm Lakewood Park
Legends Daredevils 7:00pm Lakewood Park

Collegiate Summer Wood Bat Baseball League – est. 1946