Organized in 1946, local ballclubs have joined forces each summer to provide area fans with exciting summer baseball. For more than 75 years, local ballclubs come together to create a championship season that focuses on player development and providing collegiate athletes an outstanding summer baseball experience and the opportunity to spend their summer in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Hunter Perdue, Greenbrier Knights (Florida State Univ/10th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Florida Marlins)

College coaches widely agree that summer baseball has become the third leg of the collegiate season, and it’s value can not be overstated. James Madison University Head Coach Marlin Ikenberry sums it up best when speaking about his players participation in summer league baseball following the 2021 summer,

“I am proud of our guys with the work they put in over the summer,” said head coach Marlin Ikenberry. “It’s part of the process. We break our seasons up into three’s: fall, spring, and the summers. The summer is a crucial part in the process in becoming a complete baseball player.”

Hunter Gregory, Outer Banks Daredevils (Old Dominion Univ/8th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Toronto Blue Jays)

The Tidewater area’s collegiate players can look forward to outstanding, collegiate, wood bat, summer baseball year after year, thanks to the support of our local baseball community. These ballclubs continue to provide local players with the opportunity to gain valuable playing experience after their collegiate season has ended.

With a competitive and diverse schedules, all players will be challenged throughout the summer season playing against the top collegiate players from the Tidewater area and around the country.

Justin Taylor, Outer Banks Daredevils (Texas A&M Corpus Christi)

These ballclub’s schedule allows players the opportunity to get in a great summer baseball season, while allowing time for players to work and also participate in other strength and conditioning, speed and agility, hitting, throwing and/or velocity training programs during their summer break.

Hunter Gregory, Outer Banks Daredevils (Old Dominion Univ/8th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Toronto Blue Jays)

College summer baseball has played an instrumental role in many current and former professional baseball players’ careers, providing them with the opportunity to improve their skills and understanding of the game while gaining invaluable experience that helped with their collegiate and professional careers.

2019 TSL All Star Game, Photo Credit: Richard L. Miller Photography

If you are a current collegiate player or college bound, graduating high school senior, looking to get on the field and gain valuable playing experience playing against other collegiate players this summer, please contact one of the great local teams to inquire about playing opportunities for the upcoming summer. 


Collegiate Summer Wood Bat Baseball – est. 1946