In an effort to exercise all due diligence in providing our players, coaches, interns, umpires, staff and fans the safest possible environment, the league’s executive committee has implemented the following changes to league procedures:

SOCIAL DISTANCING – In addition to requiring all staff and fans to maintain proper social distancing while at the ballpark, for the 2020 season, players will maintain proper social distancing practices on and off the diamond. Rule adjustments concerning players staying in the dugouts have been made to allow for players to spread out down their respective sidelines to be able to maintain proper social distancing.

NO SHARED WATER – There will no longer be team water coolers or shared drinking coolers; each player will be responsible to bring their own personal cooler with an adequate supply of water/gator-aide for their use.

NO SHARED EQUIPMENT – Each player will provide 100% of their own personal safety equipment, such as batting helmets, Evo-Shields, etc. and will not be sharing equipment with other teammates. Each player will be responsible to bring their equipment along with everything they will need for the game with them to and from each game.

HAND SANITIZING STATIONS – will be set up by each dugout to allow the players and coaches to sanitize their hands regularly throughout the game.

DAY GAMES – Based on current CDC and VA DOH guidance regarding the effectiveness of direct sunlight in reducing the communicability of COVID-19 on surfaces, all games being played in Virginia have been scheduled as day games.

LIMITING THE NUMBER OF FANS ATTENDING GAMES – The league will follow CDC and VA DOH guidance regarding the number of people allowed to attend an outdoor event and limit fan attendance accordingly. We will continue to monitor said guidance throughout the season, and make adjustments to increase that number as allowed by the Governor and the phased reopening of our industry. In addition, fans will be required to maintain proper social distancing measures at all times, and will be allowed to bring their own coolers into the ballpark with food and beverages for their personal use.

LIVE BROADCAST – The league will live stream all games free of charge on our Facebook &/or Twitter pages. Fan’s will also be able to follow all of the action online via our Game Changer feed.

The league will continue to monitor the most up to date guidance provided by the CDC and the VA Dept. of Health and their impact on our industry. We reserve the right to continue to make any changes necessary to better ensure the safety of our players, coaches, interns, umpires, staff and fans. We look forward to a great summer of baseball.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation as we work together to bring baseball back for the 2020 summer.