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The TSL is excited to announce that registration is now open for the upcoming 2023 summer season.

Players interested in learning more about the Tidewater Summer League’s upcoming season should visit our PLAYER INFO page, where you will find detailed information about the upcoming season as well as registration instructions.

Rosters will fill up fast, so don’t wait, get registered today.



The Tidewater Summer League is a “wood bat” collegiate summer baseball league. Founded in 1946, the TSL has provided local baseball players and fans with exciting summer league baseball for over 75 years. We remain focused on player development and providing collegiate athletes an outstanding summer baseball experience and the opportunity to spend your summer in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Hunter Perdue, Greenbrier Knights (Florida State Univ/10th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Florida Marlins)

College coaches widely agree that summer baseball has become the third leg of the collegiate season, and it’s value can not be overstated. James Madison University Head Coach Marlin Ikenberry sums it up best when speaking about his players participation in summer league baseball following the 2021 summer,

“I am proud of our guys with the work they put in over the summer,” said head coach Marlin Ikenberry. “It’s part of the process. We break our seasons up into three’s: fall, spring, and the summers. The summer is a crucial part in the process in becoming a complete baseball player.”

Hunter Gregory, Outer Banks Daredevils (Old Dominion Univ/8th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Toronto Blue Jays)

The Tidewater Summer League is looking forward to another great season of collegiate, wood bat, summer league baseball and providing our players with the opportunity to gain valuable playing experience after their collegiate season has ended.

With a competitive and diverse schedule, our players will be challenged throughout the summer season playing against the top collegiate players from the Tidewater area and around the country.

Justin Taylor, Outer Banks Daredevils (Texas A&M Corpus Christi)

The league’s scheduling format allows players the opportunity to get in a great summer baseball season, while allowing time for players to work and also participate in other strength and conditioning, speed and agility, hitting, throwing and/or velocity training programs during their summer break.

Hunter Gregory, Outer Banks Daredevils (Old Dominion Univ/8th Rd Pick 2021 MLB Draft – Toronto Blue Jays)

College summer leagues have played an instrumental role in many current and former professional baseball players’ careers, providing them with the opportunity to improve their skills and understanding of the game while gaining invaluable experience that helped with their collegiate and professional careers.

2019 TSL All Star Game, Photo Credit: Richard L. Miller Photography

If you are a current collegiate player or college bound, graduating high school senior, looking to get on the field and gain valuable playing experience playing against other collegiate players this summer, please consider joining us. 



The TSL would like to say Thank You to all of our players, coaches, fans and everyone who supported the league this past summer.

TSL League Members, thank you for being a part of the league’s 2022 season.

TSL Coaches, thank you for your hard work and dedication this summer.

TSL Fans, thank you for coming to the games and tuning into our live stream, your support is greatly appreciated.

TSL Director of Broadcast and Media Relations, Hayden Bandel, thank you for an outstanding job this summer.

Eastern Officials Association, for once again providing our league with great officials for our games.

City of Norfolk, Lakewood Park, thank you for allowing us to utilize the facilities at Lakewood Park.

D-Bats of Virginia Beach, thank you for your support throughout the season and helping to sponsor our live stream broadcast.

Mercedes-Benz of Virginia Beach, thank you for your support throughout the season and helping sponsor our live stream broadcast and our Players of the Week Awards.

Grand Slam 2, thank you for your support throughout the season and for helping support our live stream broadcast.

Hughes Family, thank you for your support of our live stream broadcast.

Norfolk Christian School, thank you for your support and help with our field and with keeping the grass cut all summer.

TSL Operations Director, Shannon Dooley, who also was our official score keeper, ballpark operations director, sound engineer, social media coordinator and player relations specialist, thank you for everything you do for the league.

Zephyr Hats, the Official Hat Supplier of the Tidewater Summer League, thank you once again for taking care of our hat needs this summer, they looked great.

Baden Sports, the Official Ball Supplier of the Tidewater Summer League, thank you for once again supplying our league baseballs.

Alpha Prime Sports, the Official Uniform Supplier of the Tidewater Summer League, thank you for once again supplying our league’s uniforms, they looked great.

To all who helped make our 2022 season a great success, we would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.


The Tidewater Summer League would like to recognize and congratulate our 2022 Broadcaster of the Year, Luke Meli, Temple University

Luke Meli, Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations

Luke Meli is an rising senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is a media studies and production major. He has worked as a play-by-play announcer for many Temple sports including basketball, football, and hockey. He has experience calling baseball, softball, volleyball, and women’s lacrosse for other universities in the northeast. He also works on Temple’s sports tv show, OwlSports Update, as an anchor and reporter. His dream is to be the play-by-play announcer of a professional sports team, and this will be his first taste of working directly for a team.

Earning the 2022 TSL Broadcaster of the Year award during his first season working directly for a collegiate summer team, Luke showed his experience and education had him prepared for the challenge, and his willingness to put in the hard work, make sacrifices and remain dedicated to his craft not only provided Steamers fans and players an outstanding game broadcast, he was able to capture the spirit of the 2022 Championship Season, with all of it’s highs and lows, and did so with professionalism and a flair that exceeded all expectations.

Congratulations Luke Meli, the 2022 TSL Broadcaster of the Year.