June 20, 2020 – Colonial Heights, VA

Tri City Chili Peppers Can’t Catch Up To Greenbrier Knights

Tri City Chili Peppers fell behind early and couldn’t come back in an 8-3 loss to Greenbrier Knights on Sunday. Greenbrier Knights scored on a single by Blake Herrmann and a sacrifice fly by Dominick Proctor in the second inning.

Greenbrier Knights pulled away for good with two runs in the second inning. In the second Herrmann singled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run and Proctor‘s sac fly scored one run for Greenbrier Knights.

Henry Suira earned the win for Greenbrier Knights. The bulldog went six innings, allowing three runs on three hits and striking out four. Timothy Blackman Jr and Andrew Ramos entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief. Ramos recorded the last three outs to earn the save for Greenbrier Knights.

Reed Garland took the loss for Tri City Chili PeppersGarland went two innings, allowing two runs on four hits and walking one.

Tri City Chili Peppers tallied one home run on the day. Mike Dolberry went yard in the sixth inning.

DolberryBrandon Eike, and Hunter Gilliam each collected one hit to lead Tri City Chili PeppersTri City Chili Peppers didn’t commit a single error in the field. Dolberry had the most chances in the field with six.

Greenbrier Knights tallied nine hits on the day. Herrmann and Burton Hahn each had multiple hits for Greenbrier KnightsGreenbrier Knights was sure-handed in the field and didn’t commit a single error. Warren Bailey had the most chances in the field with eight.

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Luke Waters410011
Max Lucas401011
Andrea Dalatri411011
Warren Bailey511102
Burton Hahn522001
Dylan Bowan411012
Quincy Sippio210020
Blake Herrmann412301
Dominick Proctor201111
Timothy Blackman Jr
Andrew Ramos
Henry Suira

Batting HR: Warren Bailey, Blake Herrmann
TB: Warren Bailey 4, Dylan Bowan, Andrea Dalatri, Burton Hahn 2, Blake Herrmann 5, Max Lucas, Dominick Proctor
RBI: Warren Bailey, Blake Herrmann 3, Dominick Proctor
SF: Dominick Proctor
GIDP: Luke Waters
SB: Dominick Proctor
Totals Team QAB: 25 (59.52%)
Warren Bailey 2, Dylan Bowan 3, Andrea Dalatri 3, Burton Hahn 2, Blake Herrmann 3, Max Lucas 4, Dominick Proctor 3, Quincy Sippio 3, Luke Waters 2

Team LOB: 6 Fielding DP: Dylan Bowan, Dominick Proctor

Chili Peppers
Kaite Furr200000
Greg Ryan200000
Ethan Iannuzzi200000
Willie Havens110011
Mike Dolberry321210
Hunter Gilliam401101
Kyle Jenkins200002
Kenny Mallory100010
Conner Butler400001
Brandon Eike201021
Riley Motley300002
Jordan Peyton300000
Reed Garland
Brandon Blankenship
Logan Smith
Troy Shepherd
Eli Parks
Connor Schumann
Jackson Walker
Clark Driscoll

Batting HR: Mike Dolberry
TB: Mike Dolberry 4, Hunter Gilliam, Brandon Eike
RBI: Mike Dolberry 2, Hunter Gilliam
FC: Jordan Peyton
GIDP: Riley Motley
SB: Mike Dolberry
Totals Team QAB: 11 (32.35%)
Mike Dolberry 2, Hunter Gilliam, Kyle Jenkins, Brandon Eike 2, Riley Motley, Jordan Peyton, Willie Havens 2, Kenny Mallory

Team LOB: 4 Fielding DP: Hunter Gilliam, Conner Butler, Jordan Peyton

Henry Suira6.079.633333431
Timothy Blackman Jr2.032.594000210
Andrew Ramos1.017.588000210

Pitching W: Henry Suira
SV: Andrew Ramos
Pitches-Strikes: Timothy Blackman Jr 32-19, Andrew Ramos 17-10, Henry Suira 79-50
Groundouts-Flyouts: Timothy Blackman Jr 0-4, Andrew Ramos 0-1, Henry Suira 5-7
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Timothy Blackman Jr 4-7, Andrew Ramos 2-4, Henry Suira 14-23

Chili Peppers
Reed Garland2.027.630422010
Connor Schumann2.048.583333122
Jackson Walker1.014.714000200
Clark Driscoll1.025.560000210
Brandon Blankenship1.026.423122020
Troy Shepherd1.023.522111210
Eli Parks1.013.692000300

Pitching L: Reed Garland
WP: Reed Garland, Brandon Blankenship 3, Troy Shepherd
Pitches-Strikes: Reed Garland 27-17, Brandon Blankenship 26-11, Troy Shepherd 23-12, Eli Parks 13-9, Connor Schumann 48-28, Jackson Walker 14-10, Clark Driscoll 25-14
Groundouts-Flyouts: Reed Garland 4-1, Brandon Blankenship 1-2, Troy Shepherd 0-1, Eli Parks 0-0, Connor Schumann 0-5, Jackson Walker 1-0, Clark Driscoll 0-1
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Reed Garland 6-10, Brandon Blankenship 1-6, Troy Shepherd 1-5, Eli Parks 2-3, Connor Schumann 6-11, Jackson Walker 3-3, Clark Driscoll 3-4


  • AB: At bats
  • R: Runs scored
  • H: Hits
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • Grand slam: Grand slam home runs
  • TB: Total bases
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • PIK: Picked off
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • LOB: Runners left on base at the end of an inning
  • E: Errors
  • DP: Double Plays
  • TP: Triple Plays
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • #P: Total pitches
  • S%: Strike percentage
  • H: Hits allowed
  • R: Runs allowed
  • ER: Earned runs allowed
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • HR: Home runs allowed
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • SV: Saves
  • BS: Blown saves
  • HBP: Hit batters
  • WP: Wild pitches
  • BK: Balks

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