June 7, 2022, Norfolk, VA

Suffolk Voyagers Falls To Norfolk Redbirds After Intense High-Scoring Game

Early Lead For Norfolk Redbirds Seals Fate For Suffolk Voyagers

Suffolk Voyagers fell behind early and couldn’t come back in an 11-8 loss to Norfolk Redbirds on Tuesday. Norfolk Redbirds scored on a single by Trey Wright, a single by Aidan Feather, a single by Trevor Selph, a single by Alex Brown, a sacrifice fly by Matthew Dengler, and a double by Wea Bonney in the third inning.

Despite the loss, Suffolk Voyagers did collect 12 hits in the high-scoring affair. Unfortunately, Norfolk Redbirds had 14 hits on the way to victory.

Suffolk Voyagers opened up scoring in the second inning. Alex Guilisano drove in one when Guilisano singled.

Suffolk Voyagers put up three runs in the fourth inning. Suffolk Voyagers‘s big bats in the inning were led by a single by Trey Blow and a home run by Ahmaad Goldson.

Tanner Simpson got the win for Norfolk Redbirds. The hurler went three innings, allowing one run on two hits and striking out two. Alex GianascoliBradshaw Morrison, and Jacob Raguini all put in work in relief out of the bullpen, steering their team towards the victory.

Elijah Wilson took the loss for Suffolk Voyagers. The hurler went two-thirds of an inning, allowing eight runs on five hits and striking out one.

Aiden Hedgepeth started the game for Suffolk Voyagers. The bulldog lasted two innings, allowing two hits and zero runs while striking out one and walking zero

Suffolk Voyagers smacked one home run on the day. Goldson had a homer in the fourth inning.

Suffolk Voyagers scattered 12 hits in the game. Phillip Forbes and Blow each racked up multiple hits for Suffolk VoyagersBlow and Forbes each collected two hits to lead Suffolk Voyagers.

Norfolk Redbirds tallied 14 hits. WrightSelphBrownBonney, and Jason Bosher all managed multiple hits for Norfolk Redbirds.

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Trey Wright422201
Justin Liakos311211
Aidan Feather411102
Trevor Selph312111
Alex Brown412101
Matthew Dengler200100
Sparky Bannon100001
Jack Morick301001
Wea Bonney412200
Zach Dzarnowski411001
Alec Aguilar200000
Jake Genzler210002
Jason Bosher212010
Jackson Hughes310001
Alex Gianascoli
Bradshaw Morrison
Jacob Raguini
Tanner Simpson

Batting 2B: Wea Bonney, Alex Brown, Jack Morick, Trey Wright
TB: Wea Bonney 3, Jason Bosher 2, Alex Brown 3, Zach Dzarnowski, Aidan Feather, Justin Liakos, Jack Morick 2, Trevor Selph 2, Trey Wright 3
RBI: Wea Bonney 2, Alex Brown, Matthew Dengler, Aidan Feather, Justin Liakos 2, Trevor Selph, Trey Wright 2
SF: Matthew Dengler
ROE: Jake Genzler
FC: Matthew Dengler, Jackson Hughes
HBP: Jack Morick
Totals Team QAB: 19 (41.30%)
Sparky Bannon, Wea Bonney, Jason Bosher, Alex Brown, Matthew Dengler, Zach Dzarnowski, Aidan Feather, Jake Genzler, Jackson Hughes, Justin Liakos 3, Jack Morick, Trevor Selph 3, Trey Wright 3

Team LOB: 20 Fielding E: Jake Genzler
DP: Wea Bonney

Kaden Hilburger300001
Nick Cleghorn201101
Alex Kowalski301002
Brendan Hawley211000
Phillip Forbes322010
Ahmaad Goldson311201
Trevor Mason321012
Tyler Gorbett100001
Trey Blow302201
Alex Guilisano301100
Tyler Wilson100001
Jacob Lopez100000
Bennie Spady110011
E Jines100001
Aiden Oates411000
Dawson Guzik201111
Aiden Hedgepeth
Ethan Rogers
Elijah Wilson
Tristan York

Batting 2B: Alex Kowalski, Trevor Mason, Aiden Oates
HR: Ahmaad Goldson
TB: Trey Blow 2, Nick Cleghorn, Phillip Forbes 2, Ahmaad Goldson 4, Alex Guilisano, Dawson Guzik, Brendan Hawley, Alex Kowalski 2, Trevor Mason 2, Aiden Oates 2
RBI: Trey Blow 2, Nick Cleghorn, Ahmaad Goldson 2, Alex Guilisano, Dawson Guzik
SAC: Tyler Gorbett
SF: Dawson Guzik
FC: Aiden Oates
HBP: Bennie Spady
SB: Trey Blow, Alex Guilisano, Trevor Mason
Totals Team QAB: 22 (51.16%)
Trey Blow 2, Nick Cleghorn 2, Phillip Forbes, Ahmaad Goldson 3, Tyler Gorbett 2, Alex Guilisano, Dawson Guzik 2, Alex Kowalski 2, Jacob Lopez, Trevor Mason 2, Aiden Oates, Bennie Spady 2, Tyler Wilson

Team LOB: 8 Fielding E: Trevor Mason

Tanner Simpson3.045.511211220
Alex Gianascoli3.056.607633401
Bradshaw Morrison1.235.571232420
Jacob Raguini1.130.600211300

Pitching W: Tanner Simpson
HBP: Jacob Raguini
Pitches-Strikes: Alex Gianascoli 56-34, Bradshaw Morrison 35-20, Jacob Raguini 30-18, Tanner Simpson 45-23
Groundouts-Flyouts: Alex Gianascoli 4-1, Bradshaw Morrison 0-1, Jacob Raguini 0-0, Tanner Simpson 2-4
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Alex Gianascoli 4-15, Bradshaw Morrison 7-9, Jacob Raguini 2-7, Tanner Simpson 7-12

Aiden Hedgepeth2.023.652200100
Elijah Wilson0.246.522584120
Tristan York3.157.667732300
Kaden Hilburger1.016.625000300
Ahmaad Goldson1.020.500000310
Phillip Forbes1.015.533000100
Ethan Rogers0.00.000000000

Pitching L: Elijah Wilson
HBP: Elijah Wilson
Pitches-Strikes: Phillip Forbes 15-8, Ahmaad Goldson 20-10, Aiden Hedgepeth 23-15, Kaden Hilburger 16-10, Ethan Rogers 0-0, Elijah Wilson 46-24, Tristan York 57-38
Groundouts-Flyouts: Phillip Forbes 0-2, Ahmaad Goldson 0-0, Aiden Hedgepeth 1-3, Kaden Hilburger 0-0, Ethan Rogers 0-0, Elijah Wilson 0-1, Tristan York 3-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Phillip Forbes 2-3, Ahmaad Goldson 3-4, Aiden Hedgepeth 5-8, Kaden Hilburger 0-3, Ethan Rogers 0-0, Elijah Wilson 5-11, Tristan York 7-17


  • AB: At bats
  • R: Runs scored
  • H: Hits
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • Grand slam: Grand slam home runs
  • TB: Total bases
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • PIK: Picked off
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • LOB: Runners left on base at the end of an inning
  • E: Errors
  • DP: Double Plays
  • TP: Triple Plays
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • #P: Total pitches
  • S%: Strike percentage
  • H: Hits allowed
  • R: Runs allowed
  • ER: Earned runs allowed
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • HR: Home runs allowed
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • SV: Saves
  • BS: Blown saves
  • HBP: Hit batters
  • WP: Wild pitches
  • BK: Balks

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