4-Hit Day For Copeland Earns Edenton Steamers Victory Over Old Dominion Hitters

Aaron Copeland collected four hits in five at bats, as Edenton Steamers defeated Old Dominion Hitters 22-8 on Friday. Copeland homered in the second, singled in the fourth, singled in the sixth, and homered in the eighth.

Edenton Steamers earned the victory despite allowing Old Dominion Hitters to score five runs in the first inning. Old Dominion Hitters’s big inning was driven by a single by Hunter Cole and a double by Jerry Hammons.

Old Dominion Hitters fired up the offense in the first inning. Cole singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run.

Edenton Steamers knotted the game up at five in the bottom of the second inning. An error scored one run for Edenton Steamers.

Edenton Steamers pulled away for good with two runs in the third inning. In the third Jackson Hipp homered on a 1-0 count, scoring two runs.

Edenton Steamers scored six runs in the sixth inning. Jared Kauffman, Houston Wright, Alan Alonso, and Josiah Sightler all contributed in the big inning with RBIs.

Alex Shirazi got the win for Edenton Steamers. He lasted five innings, allowing five hits and eight runs while striking out four. A number of pitchers entered the game as relief, with Daniel Willie, Eddie Shores, Ryan Kutz, and Ray Stocum all securing outs and ultimately the victory.

Phillip Forbes took the loss for Old Dominion Hitters. He lasted two innings, allowing five hits and six runs while striking out one and walking one.

Antonio Velesquez started the game for Old Dominion Hitters. He went two innings, allowing five runs on six hits and striking out two

Edenton Steamers smacked five home runs on the day. Copeland went deep in the second and eighth innings. Hipp had a long ball in the third inning. Tyler McPeak had a homer in the fourth inning. Sightler had a dinger in the eighth inning.

Edenton Steamers racked up 20 hits on the day. Copeland, Kauffman, Hipp, Casey Haire, Sightler, Shane Easter, Wright, and Alonso all managed multiple hits for Edenton Steamers. Copeland led Edenton Steamers with four hits in five at bats. Easter led Edenton Steamers with two stolen bases, as they ran wild on the base paths with four stolen bases.

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Old Dominion Hitters
Zachary Morris210010
Andrew Ott421010
Alberto Osuna-Sanchez411113
Hunter Cole411112
Zachary Wojnarowski311201
Jerry Hammons411311
Dylan Cupp401010
JT Inskeep100001
Sabastian Silva301001
Jacob Colbus100001
Alex Gulisano310011
Kody Abrisz
Seth Branson
Ben Capeheart
Phillip Forbes
Dylan Schumacher
Cole Taylor
Antonio Velesquez

Batting2B: Jerry Hammons, Alberto Osuna-Sanchez, Sabastian Silva, Zachary Wojnarowski 
TB: Hunter Cole, Dylan Cupp, Jerry Hammons 2, Alberto Osuna-Sanchez 2, Andrew Ott, Sabastian Silva 2, Zachary Wojnarowski 2 
RBI: Hunter Cole, Jerry Hammons 3, Alberto Osuna-Sanchez, Zachary Wojnarowski 2 
ROE: Alex Gulisano 
HBP: Zachary Morris 2, Zachary Wojnarowski 2 
GIDP: Zachary Morris, Andrew Ott 
SB: Alex Gulisano, Zachary Morris 2 
TotalsTeam QAB: 19 (43.18%) 
Hunter Cole 2, Dylan Cupp 2, Alex Gulisano, Jerry Hammons 3, JT Inskeep, Zachary Morris, Alberto Osuna-Sanchez 3, Andrew Ott 3, Sabastian Silva, Zachary Wojnarowski 2 

Team LOB: 8FieldingE: Zachary Morris, Andrew Ott, Sabastian Silva, Zachary Wojnarowski 

Edenton Steamers
Shane Easter722000
Jared Kauffman433211
Adam Fine100010
Houston Wright532110
Tyler Myers000000
Alan Alonso432221
Josiah Sightler522401
Tyler McPeak411302
Case Kermode100011
Casey Haire432110
Aaron Copeland534310
Jackson Hipp522212
Ryan Kutz
Alex Shirazi
Eddie Shores
Ray Stocum
Daniel Willie

Batting2B: Alan Alonso, Jackson Hipp, Jared Kauffman 
HR: Aaron Copeland 2, Jackson Hipp, Tyler McPeak, Josiah Sightler 
TB: Alan Alonso 3, Aaron Copeland 10, Shane Easter 2, Casey Haire 2, Jackson Hipp 6, Jared Kauffman 4, Tyler McPeak 4, Josiah Sightler 5, Houston Wright 2 
RBI: Alan Alonso 2, Aaron Copeland 3, Casey Haire, Jackson Hipp 2, Jared Kauffman 2, Tyler McPeak 3, Josiah Sightler 4, Houston Wright 
ROE: Shane Easter, Josiah Sightler, Houston Wright 
HBP: Casey Haire, Josiah Sightler 
SB: Shane Easter 2, Jared Kauffman 2 
TotalsTeam QAB: 35 (62.50%) 
Alan Alonso 5, Aaron Copeland 6, Shane Easter 2, Adam Fine, Casey Haire 2, Jackson Hipp 5, Jared Kauffman 5, Tyler McPeak 2, Case Kermode, Josiah Sightler 3, Houston Wright 3 

Team LOB: 10FieldingE: Casey Haire 
DP: Alan Alonso 2, Casey Haire 2, Jared Kauffman 

Old Dominion Hitters
Antonio Velesquez2.058.586654221
Phillip Forbes2.053.585566112
Ben Capeheart1.015.667210100
Dylan Schumacher0.232.406155130
Cole Taylor2.167.552654332

PitchingL: Phillip Forbes 
HBP: Phillip Forbes, Dylan Schumacher 
WP: Phillip Forbes, Cole Taylor 2 
BK: Phillip Forbes 
Pitches-Strikes: Ben Capeheart 15-10, Phillip Forbes 53-31, Dylan Schumacher 32-13, Cole Taylor 67-37, Antonio Velesquez 58-34 
Groundouts-Flyouts: Ben Capeheart 0-2, Phillip Forbes 1-4, Dylan Schumacher 0-1, Cole Taylor 2-2, Antonio Velesquez 1-1 
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Ben Capeheart 3-5, Phillip Forbes 6-13, Dylan Schumacher 2-7, Cole Taylor 10-17, Antonio Velesquez 9-14 

Edenton Steamers
Alex Shirazi5.096.583588440
Daniel Willie1.014.643000200
Eddie Shores1.018.611000210
Ryan Kutz1.015.733200000
Ray Stocum1.026.615000320

PitchingW: Alex Shirazi 
HBP: Ryan Kutz, Alex Shirazi, Ray Stocum, Daniel Willie 
WP: Alex Shirazi, Daniel Willie 
Pitches-Strikes: Ryan Kutz 15-11, Alex Shirazi 96-56, Eddie Shores 18-11, Ray Stocum 26-16, Daniel Willie 14-9 
Groundouts-Flyouts: Ryan Kutz 1-1, Alex Shirazi 5-5, Eddie Shores 1-0, Ray Stocum 0-0, Daniel Willie 1-0 
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Ryan Kutz 3-5, Alex Shirazi 14-25, Eddie Shores 4-4, Ray Stocum 5-6, Daniel Willie 3-4 

  • AB: At bats
  • R: Runs scored
  • H: Hits
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • Grand slam: Grand slam home runs
  • TB: Total bases
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • PIK: Picked off
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • LOB: Runners left on base at the end of an inning
  • E: Errors
  • DP: Double Plays
  • TP: Triple Plays
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • #P: Total pitches
  • S%: Strike percentage
  • H: Hits allowed
  • R: Runs allowed
  • ER: Earned runs allowed
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • HR: Home runs allowed
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • SV: Saves
  • BS: Blown saves
  • HBP: Hit batters
  • WP: Wild pitches
  • BK: Balks